Tuesday, August 17, 2021

After all these years...

We are having a block party on September 12, 2021 beginning at 3:00 pm (and ending around 7:00 pm)!  Signs are on the tree lawns and flyers have been distributed at every house.

Most of our communication has been on Nextdoor.  It's free to sign-up if you haven't done so already.

More information will be posted on our website at dellwoodroad.com.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flying Purple People Players of the Purple House (on Dellwood)

At our bake sale this summer a few us chatted about the enormous talent on Dellwood Road. We thought about a fun way of pooling this creative force and presenting something amazing at the block party. After much brainstorming the committee (H, A, L, K, and also C and B) came up with the name, slogan, and theme song for our musical band (thanks much to A, L, and H, respectively).

The Flying Purple People Players of the Purple House on Dellwood Road (okay, granted, there really isn't a purple house -- but then, are there purple people?)

"Purple people are making noise, purple people are girls and boys!"

You'll have to come to the block party to hear (and sing) our theme song.

Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dellwood Fun

I am so excited about the Block Party this weekend! From the parade to the cake walk to the games to the raffle (and cool baskets) to the dinner to the fun to the afterglow -- I CAN'T WAIT!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Polling Results

There were several people who indicated that they would be interested in: walking partners, book club, and restaurant nights. A few also indicated they would like to Christmas carol. Okay, so now what? Depending on how many people are interested, we can do it all! We started a book club at the Library a few years ago, but maybe having a group meet in a home would be more enjoyable. We walk almost every morning (early). Who wants to walk and at what time? Any ideas on how to get started?

Hi Everyone

Our Bake Sale was a success! We had a lot of fun. It was great seeing everyone. I was amazed at how much traffic and sales we had. The treats were really good -- I know my husband bought a couple of plate loads of goodies. I especially enjoyed the cookies and cream mini-cheesecakes. I want the recipe -- PLEEAZZZZE. I must admit -- they only lasted for about 3 days in our home and yes, I did, it was I who ate them all. -- Kim

Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome Everyone!

Here's your chance to say something, encourage someone, submit ideas, suggest, recommend, vent (appropriately), meet your neighbors, make new friends, build relationships, leave a message, be informed, write a story, compose a poem, share a song, paint a picture (with words), upload an image (or video), talk about the weather, comment on a recipe, divulge gardening tips, and whatever else you can think of -- all for the residents and friends of Dellwood Road.